Tungsten Flipping Jig Head black
Tungsten Flipping Jig Head black

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Tungsten Flipping Jig Head black

Model: TS-80532

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    Tungsten Flipping Jig Head (Mustad hook)

    3/8oz hook size 4/0

    1/2oz hook size 4/0

    3/4oz hook size 5/0

    Like a blank canvas,the Tungsten Flipping Jig Head is ready to be transformed into your very own custom creation. Made from premium-grade tungsten, the Tungsten Flipping Jig Head offers a compact head shape with a skirt collar molded along the shank for attaching personalized skirting.

    In addition to being more compact than lead, tungsten is also more sensitive, which allows anglers to detect slight changes in structure and faint nibbles that might normally go unnoticed. Backed by a razor-sharp hook, the Tungsten Flipping Jig Head provides anglers with an easy-to-customize, stop-of-the-line tungsten flipping jig that is sure to help you dominate your local waters.


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