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Tungsten Wacky Jig Black

Tungsten Wacky Jig Black

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Tungsten Wacky Jig

1/16oz  hook size 2/0

1/8oz   hook size 2/0

3/16oz  hook size 2/0

1/4oz  hook size 2/0

Tungsten Wacky Jig Head features a 97% tungsten composition, which allows it to have a much more compact profile and greatly increased sensitivity. 

These attributes are huge advantages when fishing around cover because your jig head won’t hang up as easily and can penetrate through smaller openings to get in front of fish that other anglers may miss.

Environmentally friendly as well to protect our fisheries, rig up your favorite wacky worm and put Tungsten Wacky Jig Head to work.