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Tungsten blade jig black

Tungsten blade jig black

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tungsten blade jig  (Mustad hook)

3/8oz hook size 3/0

1/2oz hook size 4/0

3/4oz hook size 4/0

Offering anglers the added benefits of tungsten, the Tungsten Blade Jig helps increase performance and will take your vibrating jig fishing to the next level. Featuring a custom molded head that is made from 97% tungsten, 

this allows the head to be much smaller and denser than a lead head of the same weight for a more compact presentation that gets in and out of cover more efficiently. 

The Blade Jig also delivers a louder chattering sound from the blade striking the harder surface of tungsten to help call fish in from greater distances, and its increased hardness also translates into increased sensitivity.